How to Rent

New Account Applications



Pickups and dropoffs are by appointment only. Orders must be confirmed 48 hours before pickup.

Orders, Applications, and Document Uploads are best placed through the website.

Let us know if your schedule changes, and we'll do our best to accommodate. We know accidents happen. As is customary, if you break it, you buy it. If you return it dirty, you’ll be charged a cleaning fee.

We appreciate your help in taking care of these special items so they can be celebrated on screen.


For Decorator and Buyers:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Build a Set List
  3. Submit a Hold Request

For Coordinators + Required Forms for All Rentals:

  1. APPLY for a C.O.D. or Net 30 Account (links above).
  2. In the Application, SELECT your preferred method of Payment (ACH, CC, Check), and UPLOAD a Signed Rental Agreement*, a Certificate of Insurance, and a Tax Exemption Certificate if you have one.
  3. In the Application, provide the contact information for your key buyer(s) and accounts payable.
  4. After submitting the Application, you’ll be directed to add your Credit Card Authorization or ACH info. This is how we keep your Credit Card on File. We use Stripe to secure all digital transactions. OR, checks can be mailed to our address, and made out to Rabbit Props LLC. *If you’re a studio project and have your own Rental Agreement, you may submit that instead.

Instead of a security deposit, we require a credit card on file for any lost, damaged, or dirty items. This information can be provided through the Credit Card Authorization in the applications above. For new customers, we may also require a Credit Reference Sheet.


Rentals are weekly. The rental period begins on the day of pick-up and continues for seven days, plus one additional “grace” day. For example, if you pick-up on Monday, the following Monday would be considered the “grace” day.

All pickups and returns are by appointment only. Failure to make the appointment on the return day will result in a charge for an additional week for all items.

We do not offer weekend rates or one day rental discounts. Early returns will not change the rental price.

We do not offer shipping, delivery, or pickup services.

We do not offer items ‘On Memo’ for show-and-tells.


All pick-ups and drop-offs are by appointment only, and must be confirmed 48 hours in advance. Once you arrive, we will meet you at our building’s loading dock. See image below for details. Loading Dock


Rentals longer than a week yield the following discounts.

1st week Full price
2nd week 50%
3rd week 50%
4th week Free
5th week Full price
6th week 50%
7th week 50%
8th week Free
9th week and on 75% off

Email us to discuss a longer rental period, including run-of-show rates.


  • CREDIT CARDS: All credit card transactions are subject to a 3% processing fee.
  • RESTOCKING FEE: Customers that cancel an Order after it has been confirmed and pulled will be charged 25% of the full order amount as a restocking fee.
  • LATE RETURN: Orders returned after the grace day will be charged an additional week at the full rental rate unless discussed with us in advance.
  • LATE PAYMENT: Net 30 productions that pay late will be changed to a C.O.D account and additional future discounts may be voided.


Customers are responsible for any damage to our items. Damages may be charged to the credit card on file as either a repair, cleaning fee, or the full replacement value in the event the item is destroyed or lost.


To keep things simple, we only have three item conditions.

  • Good - Item is in good shape, likely almost new, with little to no wear-and-tear.
  • Fair - Item may have a few bumps and bruises, but is generally in solid condition.
  • Aged - Item is likely vintage, with wear-and-tear as a result of its age. Often this contributes to its unique quality.